Stimwave Freedom Stimulators

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Freedom Stimulators

Freedom Stimulators provide a full-body, safer approach to neuromodulation therapy, reducing the risks associated with implantable batteries.

Patient Control

With Stimwave, The Freedom System integrates Wireless Pain Relief® into your daily activities offering programming options to keep you in control of your chronic pain relief.

Wearable Technology

The externally worn Wearable Antenna Assembly, known as the patient transmitter and antenna, provides wireless technology to power the implanted micro-sized, neurostimulator.

Why Choose Stimwave?

Stimwave offers two types of neurostimulator devices that provide long-lasting pain relief.  The Freedom SCS System and StimQ PNS System relieve pain by sending electrical stimulation to block those pain signals from reaching the brain.  Unlike any other device, Stimwave is powered wirelessly and without an implanted battery.

Stimwave Freedom Stimulators provide you with true “freedom” from batteries, cables, and implanted generators. The external compact device uses simple buttons to change therapy levels and can be recharged easily via a micro-USB..

Stimwave Provides The Freedom To Return To Life!

Freedom Stimulators Provide Long-Lasting, Full-Body Chronic Pain Relief!

Freedom SCS System

Freedom SCS (Spinal Cord Stimulator) System is used to treat chronic intractable pain typically associated with your back and legs by stimulating nerves along your spine.

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StimQ PNS System

The StimQ PNS (Peripheral Nerve Stimulator) system treats chronic intractable pain by stimulating individual nerves throughout your body.

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