Stimwave Freedom Stimulators

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Experience Less Pain & More Living with a Trial Period

Have you tried conservative care options but your chronic pain symptoms persist? Are you currently looking for a non-opioid, minimally invasive treatment option? If so, you may be a candidate for Stimwave Freedom Stimulators. Neurostimulators offer a unique opportunity to decide if the therapy is right for you. Freedom Stimulators are typically performed as an outpatient procedure and are full-body 3T & 1.5T MRI Conditional.

It’s true, you can decide if Stimwave is right for you!

Doctor & Patient
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Electrode Placement

Step One

The neurostimulator is placed beneath the skin and near a targeted nerve.

The Technology
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Trial Period

Step Two

You wear a temporary device under your clothes or on your belt that delivers stimulation to the trial electrodes at the nerve.

How It Works
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Customized For You

Step Three

The Stimwave system is customized for your pain. You then assess the pain relief and improvement to your daily activities.

Are You A Candidate?
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Less Pain More Living

Step Four

If you and doctor agree that your trial period achieved the goal to reduce your chronic pain, then you may move forward with the implant to relieve your chronic pain daily!

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